A cargo flight is another name for air freight, which means the shipment of goods by air. It is most effective to move express shipments around the world through air transport services. So, global importers and exporters use air cargo to deliver goods quickly and reliably.

In Air freight service, shipments are transferred and shipped via an air carrier, whether commercial or charter. These shipments travel anywhere planes can land and fly.

Air freight services


If on-time delivery is your top priority, air freight is the ideal mode of transport for you. It is conceivably the quickest and most dependable way to move goods from one place to another. The following are benefits of air freight:

  1. The fastest method of shipping – Air freight is a fast method of shipping cargo, because air freight moves much more quickly than sea freight, making it the ideal method for customers concerned about their cargo being delivered on time.
  2. Global reach – With the assistance of an air freight service, customers can transfer their cargo to almost every nation on the planet. In most parts of the world, air freight is the preferred mode of cargo transportation, enabling customers to easily ship their goods by air to any location on the planet.
  3. Reliable and secure transit – Due to the fact that airport security personnel regulate and oversee the cargo’s security, the security level is conceivably the highest in air shipping. It reduces the risk of cargo fraud to a bare minimum.
  4. Reliable service – Commercial flights strictly adhere to their schedules to ensure timely delivery of cargo from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to any location on the planet, so safety is never an issue with air freight. To provide the highest levels of air freight delivery reliability, the entire supply chain is strictly controlled, and every need is handled with care.


When sending a shipment via air cargo, one must take seven important steps:

  1. Registration/Pickup: After determining your shipment’s chargeable weight, you can start looking for a reputable shipping partner to help you get it to its final destination. Once you have given the shipment company all the necessary information, they will pick up your cargo and store it in their warehouse.
  2. Confirmation and Labeling: The package goes through a number of quality checks after it is received by the shipping company. They check the consignment’s physical condition before labeling it with all the required information and creating the air waybill.
  3. Customs clearance: The package is subjected to thorough inspection by the customs department at the airport of origin during customs clearance. This is to ensure that the shipment doesn’t contain any illegal substances or other prohibited items.
  4. Storage and Departure: Following customs clearance, the cargo is loaded into an unloading device or (ULD). The ULD is then transported inside the aircraft.
  5. Unloading of Cargo: Upon arrival at the intended airport, the cargo is unloaded from the aircraft along with the air waybill and other necessary paperwork.
  6. Customs clearance at the destination: After thoroughly inspecting the package, the customs office at the airport’s destination grants it entry.
  7. Delivery: Once the cargo has cleared customs, it is loaded into containers, which are then transported by road or rail.
How Air Freight Works


There are two types of air cargo:

  1. A general cargo shipment.
  2. A special cargo shipment.


  • Door-to-door cargo services.
  • Air shipping of perishable and chilled goods.
  • Clearance of customs and related paperwork.
  • General import and export shipments by air freight.
  • Consolidation of Air.
  • Shipping between the sea and the air.
  • The organization of export-import paperwork.
Air freight dubai


  • We provide a custom solution to meet your requirements based on our understanding of your needs.
  • We have global network and the close relationships we have with prime carriers can help you reach the world.
  • Our air freight shipments are controlled, planned and measured using Cargo IQ procedures, a worldwide standard of quality.

So, you can trust us (OFS) logistics to monitor your products’ shipment and deliver them on time, 24/7. OFS logistic is flexible, has access to all airports around the world, and has brilliant coordination between our teams.

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Generally, these two terms (air cargo and air freight) are often interchangeable in the shipping industry and are only differentiated when you use a different shipping company.

Calculation is always carried out according to the following equation, regardless of whether the space or the weight is being paid for:

Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000 (equals the volume weight in kg)

In Dubai, UAE air cargo market offers a number of air cargo services; however, it is essential that customers choose a reputable air freight company.

With Orient Freight Solutions “OFS”, you get flexible air cargo solutions for hassle-free shipping of your goods from or to UAE, as well as anywhere in the world. Besides air cargo, OFS services include ocean freight and road freight to maximize ease of delivery.

The OFS logistic company is one of the leading logistic and air freight companies in Dubai. We will help you handle all air cargo, and can ship cargo from airport to airport, door-to-door, or anywhere in the world. With our high-quality air cargo shipping services, we’ll make your business more efficient and reduce your costs cargo flight

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