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Logistics companies and freight forwarders may seem similar, but there are some differences to keep in mind. For example, freight forwarders may partner with a network of logistics companies, however, they do not own any assets themselves.

What is the difference between logistics and freight forwarding?

Logistics company and freight forwarder are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different. Most people that do not ship regularly think they are the same. While freight forwarders have partnerships with multiple logistics companies, they do not actually own assets directly. As opposed to a logistics company, which owns many ships, trucks, airplanes, and other assets, freight forwarders do not.

What is a logistics?

Transport, shipping, warehousing, packaging, and other logistics services are offered by logistics companies through the supply chain from the place of origin to where the product is consumed.

Types of logistics

There are several types of logistics management, depending upon the tasks performed:

  • Supply management.
  • Distribution/Transportation management.
  • Production management.
  • Reverse logistics.

What is a freight forwarding?

Freight forwarders partner with several logistics companies, whether they are local or international, they can perform better and more thorough price checks than you would if you worked directly with one logistics company.

Types of freight forwarding services

Unlike logistics, freight forwarding is a service that makes goods available at a specific place. There are several types of freight forwarding companies, including:

  • Rail freight services.
  • Sea freight services.
  • Airfreight services.
  • Road freight services.

What distinguishes a freight forwarder from a logistics provider?

The main distinction between a freight forwarder and a logistics provider is that the freight forwarder focuses on shipping, while the logistics provides a wider range of services.

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